Benefits of using Vartika Payroll Application

Helps you make the correct payment

Payroll encompasses more than ensuring that your employees get paid. It will help you by notifying you when these tax updates arrive. Payroll takes away the pain associated with defining and optimizing the salary structures.

Generate payslips

Using a Premium payroll software allows you to quickly and easily generate payslips with different templates for all your work- force with the statutory minimum amount of information included.

Saves more time and money

It takes more time and resources for an organization to manage its own payroll, when compared to payroll outsourcing. payroll software helps to speed every aspect of the payroll process with a range of automated features.

Less Mistakes

Often more mistakes are made when you manage aspects of payroll manually. With an automated payroll system you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that you’re compliant.

Multiple User Access

Good payroll software allows You can invite your accountant or bookkeeper into your payroll system to help you manage it from anywhere in the world and from any machine.

Deduction Calculation

Automated payroll system, the software has the tax rates hard-coded in the system. It calculates the withholding tax for each employee based on the withholding conditions data input. This reduces the likelihood of payroll tax errors, which can result in fees from the IRS and the state taxation agency.


The manual system requires filing the necessary payroll data by hand, which consumes time and increases clutter. Payroll software generates and stores payroll and employment tax data.

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