Main Features of Vartika Payroll Application

    Multi Firm Enabled

  • Maintain Payroll of Multiple firms in single software.
  • The Data will be maintained individually for each firm.
  • Reports can be merged for selected firms.

    Employee Information

  • Name, Father's Name, Date of Birth, Photos, Dept. Designation, Basic, Relationship, Nominee etc. will be maintained.
  • Dept, Designation and Basic can be maintained Date wise.
  • Multiple user defined Allowances and Deductions entered and processed.
  • PF and ESI can be applied employees wise.

    Payroll Generation

  • Monthly Payroll can be created through attendance or directly.
  • Create payroll in multiple ways like automatically or manually. Automatically means Employee name will come one by one in different sorting orders, manually means selecting employee one by one.
  • It can be Created Dept wise also.
  • Basic Rate can be change while creating Payroll.
  • Allowances and Deductions can be edited while creating Payroll.
  • PF and ESI due paid will be automatically maintained.
  • User can change Paid part of due paid.
  • Enter Challan Dates of PF/ESI and Payment date.
  • Lock Payroll transaction month wise with administrative rights.

Reports- All the departments one time, monthly, Half Yearly, Yearly Reports available in prescribed formats.

    PF returns monthly

  • Form 12.
  • Form 12 A.
  • PF Challan.
  • Form 5 (New Joining).
  • Form 10 (Left Employees).
  • Monthly Return Letter.
  • Group Insurance Letter.
  • Form 2 (New Join).
  • Group Insurance Employee List.
  • Form 9 (revised).
  • PF Deduction detailed Report (for inspection purpose).
  • Return Register.
  • PF Detail.
  • App. For Monthly Pension.

    PF Returns Yearly

  • Form 23 (Annual Return).
  • Form 19.
  • Employee Pension Scheme Form.
  • 3 A PF Selected, 3 A PF, 6 A PF.
  • PF Yearly Statement Departments wise.
  • PF Yearly Letter.
  • PF Due Paid Statement.
  • Break Certificate.
  • Floppy Report.

    Department PF Return

  • Form 12, Form 5, Form 10.
  • PF Challan, PF Monthly Return Letter.
  • Group Insurance Letter.
  • PF Deduction Detail, PF ESI Detail, Form 9 Revised.

    Monthly ESI Report

  • Form 7.
  • ESI Challan, ESI Deduction Detail.
  • ESI Detail , ESI Return of Declaration Form.

    Yearly ESI Report

  • Form 1.

    Half-Yearly ESI Report

  • ESI Letter.
  • Form 5 ESI, Form 7 ESI, Form 7 ESI Department wise.

    Department ESI Report

  • Form 7.
  • ESI Challan.
  • ESI Deduction Detail.

    Monthly MIS Report

  • Monthly Salary Detail.
  • Employee Basic Detail(Selected).
  • Employee Basic Detail(Complete).
  • Employee Department Detail(Selected).
  • Employee Department Detail(Complete).
  • Employee Attendance Detail(Summarize).

    Department MIS Report

  • Employee Attendance Detail(Summarize).

    Yearly Employee/Salary Report

  • Employee Break Period Detail.
  • Annual Salary Detail.
  • Annual Statement of Salary.

    Monthly Employee/Salary Reports

  • Employee Detail.
  • Employee Detail With Allowance.
  • Consolidated-Employee Detail With Allowances.
  • Employee Deduction Details.
  • Wages Slip, Wages Register.
  • Bank Payment List.
  • Consolidated Wages Register.
  • Blank Data Sheet, Data Sheet.
  • Consolidated Sheet Department wise.
  • Exempt List, Left Join List.

    Monthly Leave Report

  • Consolidated Leave Detail.
  • Monthly Leave with wages.

    Yearly Leave Report

  • Leave with wages Selected.
  • Leave with wages All.

    Monthly Factory Report

  • Register of Adult workers.

    Yearly Factory Reports

  • Form ER-1, Form IV.
  • Eligibility Register, Eligibility Register Department wise.
  • Factory Act Return, Gratuity Register.

    Half-Yearly Factory Report

  • Form no. 24.

    Department Factory Repot

  • Register of Adult workers.
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